Eating Animals…

This book has a better way of getting a point across than say, naked people with bear masks on, ie: PETA. We always hear the saying that you’ll catch more flies with sugar than with salt and even more so with dung or decaying organisms because that is what they eat. This book is one to show that even though the author is a vegetarian, not all people have to be. His point was to show that people need to know where their food comes from. PETA, i would say, is trying the salt method by showing people the horrible factory farms and abuse of animals and pointing fingers towards people who eat meat saying they are just as bad as the people who produce it.

Omnivores don’t have to go vegan according to Foer’s, he is taking the “dung” rout saying that it is okay to eat meat because individuals have a taste for it but knowing where it came from is crucial to the environment and well being of the animal destined for slaughter. Big factory farms are hiding so much it is hard to truly know where the food comes from and which parts we are eating. A really big problem is when animals are in close quarters they pass along disease faster, meaning people are eating unhealthy products which is lower in nutrients and the important elements we need to sustain ourselves. I will always say that home grown meat and plants are always going to taste better, because they do. I don’t know what to tell people who feel bad for the animals that become my dinner. I don’t enjoy the fact that the animal dies but what else are they used for other than eating plants and in most cases other animals including those of the same species and family.

Foer’s showed that the factory farms are truly terrible places for these animals to live and in doing so i think people will buy more locally from people to know where their food is coming from. the problem lies in the cost of things and availability of those home grown organic products. When you live in rural areas with small farms in every direction it is easy to find this sort of food but what are the choices for the people who live in big cities? IN the long run you cant be PETA and force feed vegan to people, you have to make compromises and let people make their own decisions.

Not everyone feels the same way about the treatment of animals but people are changing their views on factory farms for the better. In the next 50 years hopefully we will be able to use technology to decrease the amount of factory farms being used and increase the “happiness of animals”.  Temple Grandin is one women who dramatically changed the meat industry not by making it go away but designing a less stressful environment for the animals. 0tempgrandin002

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