Environment and Society

Environment and Society Part 1

I rather enjoyed this book although it was sometimes difficult to follow. This book ties into everything we have read this semester because it starts by discussing the definition of nature. I found it interesting when the book discussed market-based environmentalism and market response models because the author basically says that they can be good or they can be bad. The book goes on to discuss the common good, which I always find interesting because everything thinks the common good is something different. The idea of the tragedy of the commons is discussed in detail. The book also debates ethics and how risk and hazards are rational ways of looking at the environment around us. Also the concept of an imperfect socially influenced perception of risk seemed kind of interesting and different. I thought the first half of the book was decent as it covered both sides and had some interesting thoughts.

Environment and Society Part 2

The second part of the readings was a lot more interesting in my opinion. I found it especially more interesting because it shared common interests with me as far as animals and emmissions and mcdonalds.

In chapter 9 they talk about climate change and the Global Warming idea (still not sure how I feel about this one).  To start I often find it hard to believe that the earth as a whole is warming especially after this ridiculous winter in Ohio. I really wouldn’t mind if it warmed up. I also find the emissions portion of global warming interesting because if its so bad then why isn’t anything really being done? I mean things are done here and there but on a very small scale. Image

I had not heard of the Kyoto Protocol before, but I found it to be a very interesting concept. This idea kinda forces changes to happen rather then just suggest change. They allow them to build their technology in order to meet the new standards and/or they allow for emission trading.

Chapter 10 talks about trees and civilization and the relationship the two have.  It’s funny because we like love trees one day but then we go out and destroy a bunch of them the next. So im not really sure whats going on there but I find it funny.


Wolves always spark my interest because I have two Siberian huskies that are half wolf. I find wolves to be very interesting creatures and I often read a lot on them and study their habits and such. I am particularly fond of the grey wolf. I would definitely like to see the wolves make a big comeback. Image


Tuna and over-fishing are kind of a big deal because there is so much money to be made in the industry and there is such a high demand for both. The demand is high and people will pay top dollar for it so it is easy to understand how its become a problem. I’m surprised the law hasn’t stepped in to protect more fish like they have with sharks and dolphins and other animals. Image

I don’t really understand why people pay top dollar for bottled water. Especially, because half the time your faucet water is just as good if not better for you. I love faucet water, I drink it all the time at home as I am from Hamilton county in Cincinnati and we have very good water.


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