Right off the bat Coates gave us five categories of nature (pg.3); those being:

1. Nature is a physical Place– he split this into two parts one being “unspoiled” by humans and the other being the part that is “threatened by human activity”. Hands Holding Soil

In this sense nature is physically there you can see it, touch it and there is a sort of feeling you get when you know you are there.

2.Nature is a Collective Phenomena-and he doesn’t care if humans are included or excluded.JAI-IC02006

he is saying here that nature doesn’t need humans to be nature! it will live with or without us andi think there are plenty of places of earth that prove this point.

3. Nature is an essence- the property of what makes the world work. nature-3d-wallpaper-2560x1600-1005018

With out nature where would we be? What would sustain life? would there be life? I think if we look at other planets you wouldn’t call the deserts of Saturn nature or would you?

4. Nature as inspiration- a guide for people and source of authority governing human affairs.


There are many examples in history and in present times where people are inspired by nature and how it works. In ancient Egypt the Egyptians were all over the fact that nature had a lot to do with their own survival. They were inspired by nature to start worshiping it and make stories about where it came from.

5. Nature as the Conceptual Opposite of culture.- nature is separate from culture why? reason and spirit.


Is nature really without reason and spirit? There are many explanations for why things grow and their placement, and Native Americans believe in the spirit of nature. many parts of nature are living so could it be possible that it has a culture of it’s own?


This entire first section is really about changes and what people thought before the present times, many examples of the Greeks and Romans and how they interpreted Nature.

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