Desert Solitaire

For me, the most interesting thing the author does in Desert Solitaire is his criticism of the national parks. This is because he believes that ‘wilderness’ should be a place where there is no human connection. He also believes that national parks are an invasion of humans into this pristine wilderness. At first, the author did not convince me that we need to shut down or severely limit human exposure  to national parks. This is because I have been to many national parks and I have seen their beauty. I have been to Badlands, Yosemite, Arches, and Grand Canyon National Parks. As you can see from the pictures, all four parks are beautiful and look very pristine.

Then after I read the book it made me think. I was thinking is there real problems with national parks? I decided to Google it and see what could be affecting them. I found an article that talks about ten issues that currently face our national parks. Very interestingly, they said the main problem is trying to find a balance between human recreation and wildlife preservation inside our parks. Other problems include air and water pollution that flows from nearby cities or human development. Also, they said the amount of human activity inside parks is also causing problems. You can read the full article below to get a better idea.

Even now that I understand that national parks are being affected by humans and they are not really a sanctuary for pure nature I still believe they have a purpose. In the book, Abbey says that we as humans need places without us. I believe that in this day and age this is not possible. As the human species grows we need more and more resources to keep us alive. This means that we need to venture into nature to take these resources. This is why I believe that national parks are a key part to environmental protection. It limits areas of nature that as humans we can not touch. Without them people would move in and deplete the area of resources essentially destroying the place as we seen in The Meadowlands. In the end I believe that the book does a good job describing nature and showing us how important it is to humans but that is it. I do not feel that his solutions would be a viable way to go in our current time.


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