Desert Solitaire

At first I pictured this book just to be about another guy becoming a recluse, but really it is more than that. In the second chapter he briefly talks about how his flashlight is not really a necessary item. Being an outdoor person my self i would agree 100 percent with that statement (in most cases) . True humans do have poor sight in the dark but if you let your eyes adjust to the light present, especially if the moon and stars are out, you can see as clearly as you need to. One thing that fascinates me in these winter months is the reflection of the light on the snow, it is always wonderful just to look out my window at night to see the shimmering.  Image

The Chapter on water is interesting, I enjoy how the beginning has a person from Cleveland trying to populate the area. I wouldn’t say I don’t like cities but when a person says a desert needs water? Come on ,seriously, like Abbey said “it wouldn’t be a desert anymore! “. Cities in their own way are like a deserts, in my eyes; The surface is not made of nutrient rich substances ( mostly concrete ) and water runs off it like crazy but in the city, instead of moving the sediment, the water moves garbage and other kinds of waste. Maybe this idea is a little far fetched… Image

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