“The Trouble with Wilderness”

Wendell Berry’s quote  that says that making a home in nature is “the forever unfinished lifework of our species” stood out to me. I think it is because I spent a large part of my break watching shows about living in Alaska in the areas with no power or real connection to civilization. The idea that making a home in a region such as that is daunting, and certainly it can be argued that there is always more work to be done, therefore it would always be unfinished. In the reading, he goes on from the quote to say that it is inevitable that in order to make a home, you must also kill some part of nature to do so. The idea that this domesticity of the wild is a never ending cycle is an interesting one, but one that is applicable. The wild can’t be tamed, and neither can the usage of the word wild. If we were more careful with the ways that we use our language, would the wilderness have a different meaning, a more positive connotation, and more definitive definition? The reading introduces the need to “honor the wild” but perhaps in order to do so, we must also honor the word wild?

One Response to “The Trouble with Wilderness”

  1. John Krygier says:

    Good comments. Again, enhance with some images and examples and stories that make your points or expand on them. What do you mean by honor the word wild? What form would that take? Wild in what context?

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