The Meadowlands

Honestly, before I read the book I had no clue about the Meadowlands. The only time I heard “Meadowlands” it was because the Jets or Giants were getting ready to play. Then when you do a Google search on the Meadowlands it seems as if the place never really existed. At the end, I was amazed and appalled at the same time.

  • When hearing the author describe the rich history and the beauty of the place I could only imagine. I was amazed at how diverse the wildlife was there and also how large the area was.
  • Also, hearing the human history of the place was also amazing. I never realized that so many inventions that helped pave the way for important advances in human society had come out of the Meadowlands.
  • I found it interesting that a one piece land can have so many uses. The Meadowlands have seen farming (livestock, salt hay, etc.), brick-making, logging, and even copper mines.
  • The cedar forests that were cut down for lumber and other uses still seems the saddest part of the Meadowlands. We, as humans, literally cut down about every tree there. These cedar forests would have been beautiful today. (Below is what is left of them now)

  • Its also crazy that we just allow stuff like this to go on. I mean the people over there (for centuries) have just dumped and thrown away everything that could and put it all in these swamps. We just allow a very diverse environment go extinct and act like it never happened.
  • Lastly, it will be hard to clean up this area and to get more people aware of the issues. The problem is that humans only learn from there actions if there are consequences. Unfortunately, when people do environmental damage the consequences are long down the road. Eventually it will catch up to us and we will start paying for the damage we have done.



One Response to The Meadowlands

  1. John Krygier says:

    Good, solid post.

    Only thing I would suggest would be to elaborate on the points you draw out of the reading. So google and come up with examples of the diverse wildlife – in the past and now even. Look up those inventions. How did the place and its “nature” shape them? What are they? What is currently happening with cedars in the Meadowlands? Attempts to replant? If so, who and how, if not, why not? And so on. Toss in links and images for each. A good start, just a bit more examples next time.

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