Eating Animals

Eating Animals is a book that tries to tackle many angles of a complicated issue, the fact that people consume and eat other animals, and more importantly that we often do it in unnecessarily cruel ways. While many people are already aware of the terrible conditions agriculture causes many animals to go through I still feel it is an important discussion to have. Jonathan Safran does not try to hide that he favors vegetarianism but does try to give equal treatment to alternative methods of eating meat in a more sustainable manor while pointing out each sides weaknesses including those of vegetarianism. Ultimately however Safran’s argument is a moral one, he cannot justify eating animals to himself, especially when it causes them pain. Eating something else to survive is not something Safran wants us to be comfortable with, but he does his best to show that no solution is perfect. He is not trying to make us feel like terrible people so much as show that no solution in our food dilemma is as clean as we would like it to be.

The impacts of how we eat animals in this country is certainly an important discussion and one that has many merits outside of Safran’s moral argument. The current agricultural system we have now is one that is unsustainable and reliant on injections of fossil fuels to keep it going. This is one of the most powerful criticisms to me of how we eat our food, it is literally something that we cannot keep up. I feel that if perhaps we keep this in mind with Safran’s argument than we can avoid the ideological “battle lines” it sometimes builds up. In this way perhaps we can more clearly say one of his next important statements, that there is no easy answer to solving how we eat animals, but we had better get started finding a solution.

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