Old Diseases Making A Comeback


This article really surprised me as I heard of the anti-vaccination movement years ago but assumed it was just a fringe thing that died. As it turns out it has gained support to the point that from 2011 to 2012 cases of pertussis (whooping cough) became epidemics in some states because children have not been vaccinated. Many people like myself were vaccinated as children, but now that I’m an adult the vaccination has typically worn off. Even then, because no one got sick from the disease people like me have still been ok. The wave of vaccination refusals however has caused non-vaccinated people to get the disease, which has then spread to adults whose vaccinations have worn off. As it turns out it may become prudent for people to start getting re-vaccinated for the diseases they were protected against as children.

  The reason I was surprised to see this come up again was because I thought that the majority of the reason for refusing vaccines was because of the fear that they could be connected to Autism. Once this was disproven I  figured the issue had gone away. Finding out that it has only gotten worse makes me wonder about how we can deal with the issue of certain people becoming a danger to others because they refuse to get vaccinated. Should this be a question of public safety? Rights? Or is it instead an indicator that the way we disseminate scientific knowledge and teach it is currently flawed?

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