Garbology Chapters 7,8,9

Chapter 7 – The Trash Trackers

-Much like agriculture is there something to be said for local disposal if done responsibly

-Is it really recycling if a ton of fossil fuels etc. are used to get the trash to a place where it can be “recycled”

-How can people and communities work to recycle responsibly and efficiently

TrashTag Trash_Visualization

Chapter 8- Decadence Now

-What does our garbage tell us about ourselves?

-Does this public surge to recycle etc. mean that we as a society are on the downswing?

-What would our garbage look like if we really spent the time to recycle ourselves and use everything possible.


R&Lady-Led-web Rathje


Chapter 9- Pick of the Litter

-Does art made from trash draw attention to our worlds need to be less wasteful

Terry-Berlier-photo recology-1



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