Chapter 1

  • All about a bulldozer worker named Mike
  • He builds garbage mounds and every move he makes is well thought out.
  • The mound is large enough to have its own wind pattern and micro climate.
  • What do we do with our trash problem?

Chapter 2

  • Before landfills garbage was thrown in the streets
  • Runoff caused bad water and people died from cholera
  • William Strong mad a clean-up crew, white wings, and sewer drains for clean water.

Chapter 3

  • American Dream is Wasteful
  • Trash is not always trash

Garbage has been a problem for ages and now we are going for the out of sight out of mid technique. Unnecessary waste is being thrown out each day and people in America do not care as much because it is just a side effect of the American Dream. People in other countries have waste piles like us but they are not as large. In third world countries some people live off of things they find at the dump. Recycling is the first stage in an initiative to clean up the planet but more has to be done to combat this effort.

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