Nature Part II

The second part of the book really drove home one point in particular for me, and that’s the fact that nature and people are two completely separate entities. We’ve discussed this topic in class countless times, but this book really made the idea concrete for me. The way it presented the fact that it has been two separate things throughout history and all over the world made sense in my mind. I thought it was really interesting the way that the author took different culture and regions of the world and shared how they view nature and the wilderness. I found myself constantly comparing how other cultures interact with and view nature with how our culture interacts with and views nature.

Another point I thought was interesting is how nature is presented in literature throughout history. It kind of mirrors how nature can somewhat be a trend throughout the years. For example, the book talks about how in the 60’s the literature for nature and environmentalism pretty much turned into romanticism. Also going on in the 60s was the viewpoint of “protect the earth” and “live off the land” type of ideals. This kind of trend is not something that’s dead, however. Take the recent “Green Movement” for instance. This movement started in the mid 2000’s and has only recently gradually gone out of style. About five years ago finding new means for alternative energy was incredibly popular, and a topic that most people knew a lot about. I’m sure that in just a few short years we’ll most likely be able to see a trend in how our literature about nature changed during this Green Movement that we discovered in the United States.



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