Environment and Society

Part I

  • “We must change our relationship with nature from conqueror…to plain member and citizen”

    I believe this is a large step that man-kind must make before we see any real change in the Human/environment interaction. Most people still believe that we are above the environment and the planet earth.  They think that earth was just made for our disposal and we can do whatever we want.  But once people start to think of themselves as a member or citizen of the environment, perhaps they will realize all the negative things they have done, and began to figure out a way to fix them.  


  • “A prerequisite for maximizing good (as pleasure and happiness) is to eliminate, as much as possible, suffering.  As such, all beings who can suffer have interests, and warrant equal consideration in matters of ethics.” 

 I like this because it does not allow people to make the excuse of animals can’t talk or they don’t live like us so they should not be considered beings in this ethics debate, but suffering can be seen is many different ways depending on the species and this allows people also to “measure” if there is suffering happening. 

  • I agree with some of Singer’s beliefs in animal ethics, defining ethical worthy participants to be measured by the ability to suffer is a good definition.  When it comes to animal testing for cosmetics and fashions I am not a supporter of but for medical reasons and agricultural reasons, I can not say I am totally against those.  I am not 100% for them either but with medical reasons I can see the argument for both sides.   For agricultural reasons, I believe that the factory farms should not exist and the human race should slow down on their meat intake but to eliminate agricultural animals all together seems a little too extreme.  

Part II


  • I found the Minnesota example was interesting when they spoke about the conservation plan and how they included livestock owners, hunters and trappers into the decision -making process.   I believe that is was the right idea, bringing in all parties that are affected by these wolves.  I think this also spreads awareness and educates more of the public because they would be able to see how Wolves are more than carnivores that eat livestock. 

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