Environment and Society

Overall I enjoyed this reading and found that the way in which people think about the environment differs greatly. I have personally studied this in other classes such as phil 250 (environmental ethics) and have found that it is a very broad spectrum with many different goals. In my view that most enlightened and positive viewpoint discussed was in chapter 5 on environmental ethics.  First as most in our group know I am an avid and active member of the organic/natural farming movement and therefore agree with the problems raised in regards to factory farming. I also do agree with animal rights activism in part, I do agree with the idea that animal life is special and valuable therefore they do deserve respect. However, I do draw a line between human and animal right and believe the harvesting of animals in a humane and responsible way is an acceptable act. I also agree with the arguments and thoughts of Leopold, that ecology is very important. I have/am reading Leopold’s work and find his thought process and ideas to be astoundingly rational, straightforward, and practical. 

“Does Pot Law Hurt the Environment”


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