Eating on the Wild Side and Awesome Chef

I really enjoyed reading Eating on the Wild Side because the author claims that getting food from a variety of places is a good thing.  Food does not need to come from just one area such as organic farmers markets. The author claims that is it okay to get certain foods from general supermarkets and in fact she supports them.  I found it interesting how the food we eat today is not what people ate hundreds of years ago. Food has taken a tole from humans and evolution history. For example corn. I made corn bread to share with the class. The interesting thing about corn is that many many years ago it used to be reds, greens, blues, and browns.  It turns out the more colorful the corn the more nutrient rich it was, now corn comes in yellow and white, for the most part. Corn now has low to no nutrients and the low amount of nutrients it contains turns right into sugar.  This book was truly and eye opener and I plan on using some advice from in in my future meals.

Rick Gresh is an awesome human being! He is a famous Chef in Chicago. I thought it would be a great idea to look him up and see what the internet says about him even though I know him personally, well, because he is my uncle! Check him out he is pretty cool and he is more than just a chef!

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