Eating on the wild side and Interesting Article

Part I-

What I found most important about Eating on the Wild Side was the fact that rather than a treatise on the information that our crops have lost nutrients through selective breeding, it is a practical guide to finding those that are most healthy for you. The author selected the information from scientific journals and created a go-to system for a healthier lifestyle. In our striving for living a more sustainable and ecologically informed lifestyle we often focus on the possession of simple facts as the goal of environmentalism. Yet the more time goes on the more we realize that simply knowing how we are living in and affecting out environment is not enough. We need to develop methods and lifestyle changes that allow us to act on our knowledge without requiring us to be economically or educationally privileged.

Part II-

The second half of Eating on the Wild Side covers the sweeter plant group, fruits. It continues the practical approach we have seen in the earlier part of the book, the fact that we should eat cherries rather than store them for instance. There is less detailed history on as many of the plants in this portion due to the fact that it seems less research has been done, but the core of the book was never exactly this information.

This Week’s Article

This article was interesting because I had never thought of something like my wallet as even possibly detrimental to the environment.

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