Delaware Run Project Proposal


Sarah Sanders- Blue
Theresa Wolfgang- orange
Chris Badenhop- green
Thomas Bain- pink
  1. Get maps, photos, etc. and history of the Run and Olentangy (general, what it used to look like)
  2. Historical Status of land surrounding?
  3. Word press blog to monitor progress 
  4. Laws
    1. National Laws – Clean Water Act etc.
    2. States – Environmental laws and regulations
    3. County/City – plans, regulations etc.
    4. Ownership of area
    5. NGO’s
  5. Current status of the Run and Olentangy
    1. B&G Plans
    2. Issues with the Olentangy and tributaries (some may come with speaking with the watershed Coordinator

                                               i.     Past environmental stuff and effects

                                              ii.     Environmental impacts overall

                                            iii.     Current status

                                            iv.     Future plans

  1. Assesement
    1. Examples of other projects
    2. Possible Methods

                                               i.     Get names of people who know things on campus and community, even local groups

                                              ii.     Schedule for the Spring

  1. Arrange with Kryiger to meet with The Delaware Watershed Coordinator
    1. Entire outline must be done and some researcher
  2. Goal:
    1. Clean the Run IN APRIL
    2. Do rapid environmental assessment of area and involve OWU faculty and other people  IN MARCH

i.     Methods

ii.     Get names of people who know things

iii.     Schedule for the Spring

  1. Write Up should include:
    1. Environmental characteristics
    2. Short goals that can be done with little cost this year (2012-2013)
    3. Long term goal – restoration of run and surrounding area

i.     Outdoor classroom

ii.     Native species restoration

iii.     Bio-monitoring

iv.     Meet the aesthetic needs of campus

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