Eating on the Wild Side

I’m going to put both weeks of Eating on the Wild Side into one blog post this time. For the cooking part, I have made the Grape, Mint, and Feta salad that is on page 312 of the book.  I’m not sure if we have anyone in the class with any nut allergies, but I went ahead and took the precaution anyway and excluded the nuts from the recipe. The grapes that I obtained from the Community Market are Scarlet Royals, which I looked up in the book and could only find information about Autumn Royals. Regardless, they are a subset of the Royal grape family, which is up at the top of the list of recommended varieties of grapes. While I was reading the section on grapes I realized that picking out grapes is just like picking out any other type of fruit: you should look for signs that they are fresh. I had never given much thought to this, but according to the book, you should find grapes that are attached to green vines rather than brown ones. Also, when you shake the vine, all of the grapes should stay on the vine and there shouldn’t be very many hanging out at the bottom of the bag.


On another note, the section about kale I found to be pretty interesting. I’ve heard of kale and how supposedly good it is for you, but I had never given it much thought on what it was or why people don’t seem to eat a lot of it. This is a puzzling fact, because kale is a good source of cancer-fighting, heart protecting glucosinolates as well as it being high in vitamin C, K, A, fiber, manganese, copper, calcium, tryptophan, potassium, iron, protein, antioxidants and many more vital nutrients that our bodies need in order to be healthy. I thought that the recipe that the book gives for kale chips sounds really good, and I might have to try it sometime.

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