Desert Solitaire

I really enjoyed reading Desert Solitaire. I admire people like Edward Abbey that go out into remote locations to live or work for so many months out of the year and share their adventures in the wilderness. He raised the arguments about urbanizing national parks, he argues that they should not even have automobiles and tourists should convert their travels by foot, bike, or horseback within the park. There are places in the United States that have this type of Eco-tourism.

I think Abbey makes a great point when he says that in order to experience wilderness they need to get out of the car and off the beaten path, and that is something I am very passionate about. I think everyone should have an adventure where they don’t have a destination and they take the time to truly explore an area whether it’s a forest, swamp, marsh, desert, etc. However, I do not recommend taking it as far as Edward Abbey did.

Check out Americas Most Deadly National Park Photos. They are photos that will take your break away until you really look at what is going on.

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