Breakfast of Biodiversity

Mmmm What’s for breakfast…

This book explains much of what I have learned and am learning in majority of my classes and what is of peak interest to me. Ever since I was little I have wanted to “save the rainforest,” and as I get older and become more educated, that motto seems so much more complicated than my naive ignorance allowed me to believe. There is so much more to conservation than I expected and so many different things contributing to one devastating problem. In this book they start with bananas and how this one particular industry can destroy a forest and how a six stage process (pg 4) is the core of it all.

Politics/government, (un)employment, and agriculture are all big contributors to deforestation. They lead to destruction of the forest in order for people to survive based on unsustainable methods.

My favorite quote from this book is:

“The only way to reverse the pattern of the past 500 years is, first, to understand the complexity of the web that creates the problem in the first place, and, second, to develop a strategy that shreds that casual web.” Preface x

It’s spot on. We cannot fix anything unless we know what mistakes we have made, learn from them and correct them. When productions are not based on and correspond with natural processes, we are going to have problems; and we are basically just setting ourselves up for failure every time an artificial and polluting (non-recycling) system is introduced. Nature is cyclical; everything is used, reused, and recycled at some point or another it the life process and it is something we can definitely learn from.


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