Melissa’s Digital Portfolio

December 19, 2012

Class Readings

Week 1: 8/29/12: Intro to Melissa Guziak

Week 2: 9/5/12: Cronon “The Trouble with Wilderness+ Sullivan The Meadowlands

Week 3: 9/12/12: Abbey Desert Solitaire

Week 4: 9/19/12: Landscape Course Connection

Week 5: 9/26/12 Coates Nature

Week 7: 10/9/12 Robbins et al Environment & Society

Week 8: Fall Break

Week 9: 10/23/12 Foer Eating Animals

Week 10: 10/30/12 Hodgkinson How to be Idle

Week 11: presented, see below

Week 12: 11/14/12 Robbins Lawn People

Reading Presentation

Week 11: 11/7/12: Vandermeer & Perfecto Breakfast of Biodiversity (Ch. 1-5) Presented with Caity Buzza

Current Events

Week 2: 9/5/2012: US Drought

Week 3: 9/11/12: Grand Canyon

Week 4: 9/19/12: Arctic Resources

Week 5: 9/25/12: Dead Deer

Week 6: 10/3/12: House ofWaste

Week 7: 10/8/12: Monsanto

Week 8: Fall Break

Week 9: 10/23/12: Bill and Lo

Week 11: 11/6/12: Swedish Fads

Week 12: 11/12/12: Oxburgers, 11/13/12: California, 11/14/12: Wimbledon’s Lawn

Project Postings

Week 2: 9/5/2012: Project Ideas

Week 4: 9/18/12: Project Updates

Week 6: 10/3/12: Project Proposal

Gissele’s Digital Porfolio

December 18, 2012


Week 1: August 29 : introduction to Gissele Miller

Week 2: September 5: Sullivan: The Meadowlands

Week 3:  September 12: Abbey:  Desert Solitaire 

Week 4: September 19: Landscape Course Connection Event

Week 5: September 26: Coates:Nature

Week 6: October 3: Nature  Same as the first

Week 7: October 10: Robbins et al   Environment and Society

Week 8: October 17: Fall Break

Week 9:October 24: Foer:Eating animals

Week 10: October 31:Hodgkinson: How to be Idle

Week 11: November 7:Vandermeer & Perfecto: Breakfast of Biodiversty

Week 12:November 14: Robbins Lawn People: My book presentation ch1-5. Presented with Tiffany

Week 13: November 21:  Thanksgiving

 Current Events

Week 2: September 5: Organic Food vs. Conventional Food

Week 3:  September 12:On the Fate of Asia’s Great Rivers

Week 4: September 19:Land Art


Week 2: September 5: Project Idea !!Paper!!

Week 4: September 19:Project progress

Week 6: October 3: Project Proposal

Week 10: October 31:Recycled Paper!

week 16: dec 12: project Presentation:papahpres (powerpoint)

Tiffany’s Digital Portfolio

December 16, 2012


week 1:  2012/09/02 Introduction to Tiffany Green

week 2:  2012/09/04 Response to The Meadow Lands

week 3: 2012/09/11 Desert Solitaire

week 4: 2012/09/19 Landscape Course Connection

week 5: 2012/09/24 Nature

week 6: 2012/10/02 Nature (2)

week 7: 2012/10/07 Environment and Society

week 8: 2012/10/17  Break

week 9: 2012/10/ 24  Eating Animals

week 10: 2012/10/29 How to be Idle

week 11: 2012/11/07 Breakfast of Biodiversity

week 12: 2012/11/14 Lawn People (Ch 5-8)

week 13: 2012/11/21 Thanksgiving

Current Events

week 2: 2012/09/02 Turtles in Cancun 

week 3: 2012/09/14 UCSC study shows how urchin-loving otters can help fight global warming

week 4: 2012/09/23  Wildlife trade bans may be worsening trafficking of some species

week 5: 2012/09/28 Tentacled, Carnivorous Plants Catapult Prey Into Traps

week 7: 2012/10/07 Coal-Fired Australia, Buffeted by Climate Change, Enacts Carbon Tax

week 9: 2012/10/17 Snow Leopards Need To Be Protected… But How?

week 11: 2012/10/26  Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record… High?

week 12: 2012/11/04  After Sandy’s New York Deluge, a Flood of Rats?


week 2: 2012/09/04 Tiffany’s Project Ideas

week 4: 2012/09/19 Project Update

week 6: 2o12/10/03 Preliminary Project Proposal

week 10: 2012/10/31 Revised Project Proposal

week 10: 2012/10/31 Timeline Project

week 16: 2012/12/12 Project Presentation

Ashley’s Digital Portfolio

December 15, 2012


Week 1: 9/2/12 Intro to Ashley Taylor

Week 2: 9/5/12 Cronon “The Trouble with Wilderness” + Sullivan The Meadowlands

Week 3: 9/12/12 Abbey Desert Solitaire

Week 4: 9/19/12 Landscape Course Connection

Week 5: 9/25/12 Coates Nature (preface and ch. 1-5)

Week 6: 10/2/12 Coates Nature (ch. 6-9)

Week 7: 10/10/12 Robbins et al Environment & Society

Week 8: Fall Break

Week 9: 10/24/12 Foer Eating Animals

Week 10: 10/31/12 Hodgkinson: How to be Idle

Week 11: 12/15/12 Vandermeer & Perfecto: Breakfast of Biodiversity

Week 12: 11/14/12 Robbins: Lawn People

Current Events:

Week 2: 9/2 Colorado Wildfires

Week 3: 9/12 Ocean Desert

Week 4: 9/17 Earthquake on Costa Rica

Week 5: 9/25 Building a Bat Cave to Battle a Killer

Week 6: No current event

Week 7: Obama designates Chimney Rock a National Monument

Week 8: Fall Break

Week 9: 10/24 Serious Green Energy

Week 10: No current event

Week 11: I drafted a current event about a British solar project and forgot to finish and post

Week 12 : 11/14 Veggie Gardens Disobey City Code

Week 13: Thanksgiving Break

Week 14:  No Class!

Week 15: Presentation

Week 16: 12/15 Costa Rica to Ban Sport Hunting


Week 2: 9/4  Project Ideas

Week 4: 9/18 Project Update

Week 6: 10/3 Solar Energy Proposal

Week 10: 10/30  Solar Project Timeline

Week 15: 12/5 Solar Presentation

Costa Rica to Ban Sport Hunting

December 15, 2012

Costa Rica, as the first Latin American country to do this, has approved legislation to ban sport hunting. Once they reformed their conservation of wildlife law on October 2nd, the new law of banned sport hunting but “still allowing culling and subsistence hunting”, was approved by President Laura Chinchilla. This initiative will help to support the biodiversity of Costa Rica that brings in it’s annual tourists, which is 5% of the country’s GDP.


Breakfast of Biodiversity

December 15, 2012

Mmmm What’s for breakfast…

This book explains much of what I have learned and am learning in majority of my classes and what is of peak interest to me. Ever since I was little I have wanted to “save the rainforest,” and as I get older and become more educated, that motto seems so much more complicated than my naive ignorance allowed me to believe. There is so much more to conservation than I expected and so many different things contributing to one devastating problem. In this book they start with bananas and how this one particular industry can destroy a forest and how a six stage process (pg 4) is the core of it all.

Politics/government, (un)employment, and agriculture are all big contributors to deforestation. They lead to destruction of the forest in order for people to survive based on unsustainable methods.

My favorite quote from this book is:

“The only way to reverse the pattern of the past 500 years is, first, to understand the complexity of the web that creates the problem in the first place, and, second, to develop a strategy that shreds that casual web.” Preface x

It’s spot on. We cannot fix anything unless we know what mistakes we have made, learn from them and correct them. When productions are not based on and correspond with natural processes, we are going to have problems; and we are basically just setting ourselves up for failure every time an artificial and polluting (non-recycling) system is introduced. Nature is cyclical; everything is used, reused, and recycled at some point or another it the life process and it is something we can definitely learn from.


Erika’s Digital Portfolio

December 12, 2012


Week 1: 8/29 Intro to Erika Kazi

Week 2: 9/5 Cronon The Trouble with Wilderness

Week 3: 9/12 Abbey Desert Solitare

Week 4: 9/19 Landscape Course Connection

Week 5: 9/26 Coates Nature (preface and ch. 1-5) *presentation

Week 6: 10/3 Coates Nature (ch. 6-9)

Week 7: 10/10 Robbins et al Environment & Society

Week 8: Fall Break

Week 9: 10/24 Robbins Eating Animals

Week 10: 10/31 Hodgkinson How to be Idle

Week 11: 11/7 Vandermeer & Perfecto Breakfast of Biodiversity

Week 12: 11/14 Robbins Lawn People

Current Events:

Week 2: 9/5 Issues of Fish and Caffeine

Week 3: 9/12 Earth at Tipping Point

Week 4: 9/19 Surviving Without Ice

Week 5: 9/26 Heating up the Abyss

Week 6: 10/3 Our Future Under Water

Week 7: 10/10 Map of Green House Gas Emissions

Week 8: Fall Break

Week 9: 10/24 Yawn

Week 10: 10/31 Not So Permanent: Permafrost

Week 11: 11/7 Leading the Way to Sustainable Consumption

Week 12: 11/14 Eco-Healthy Lawn

Week 13: Thanksgiving Break

Week 14: 11/28 Lady Gaga Ferns

Week 15: 12/5 No Current Event

Week 16: 12/12 “Green Battery”


Week 2: 9/5 Erika’s Project Ideas

Week 6: 10/3 Preliminary Project Proposal

Week 10: 10/31 Project Timeline

Week 15: 12/5 Progress of Project Presentation: Composting (powerpoint)

Project Presentation

December 12, 2012


After meeting with one department, it seemed as if my Departmental Sustainability Project was moving too slowly.  Everyone started to become overwhelmingly busy.  I took this opportunity to switch my project to creating composting on campus – in the Hamilton Williams dining rooms.  The link above is a powerpoint presentation of my progress, and an illustration of what can be done in the future to help improve this initiative.

“Green Battery”

December 12, 2012

Rose madder — a natural plant dye once prized throughout the Old World to make fiery red textiles — has found a second life as the basis for a new “green” battery.

More than 3,500 years ago, civilizations in Asia and the Middle East first boiled madder roots to color fabrics in vivid oranges, reds and pinks. In its latest technological incarnation, the climbing herb could lay the foundation for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. These batteries charge everything from your mobile phone to electric vehicles, but carry with them risks to the environment during production, recycling and disposal.

How it works is basically that biologically based color molecules, like purpurin and its relatives, seem to be pre-adapted to act as a battery’s electrode.   “These aromatic systems are electron-rich molecules that easily coordinate with lithium,” explained Professor John.

This discovery will be made to come to market in the coming years.  Knowing that this sort of green technology exists is important for the future of sustainable energy methods.260_root_madder_battery

Digital Portfolio – Viet Tran

December 9, 2012

Week 2: September 5th Introduction to Viet Tran

September 5th Wilderness

September 5th Thoughtful Pictures

Week 3: September 10th Desert Solitare

September 10th American Fuel Efficiency Standards Raised to and Amazing 54.5 mpg by 2025 (repost from draft)

Week 4: No posts

Week 5: September 25th Nature, Again

September 26th First Fluorine Gas Found In Nature

Week 6: October 2nd Ecology

October 3rd Preliminary Project Proposal

October 3rd Workers at “green companies” are more efficient (repost from draft on Dec 9th)

Week 7: October 8th Approaches to the environment

No posts on current events

Week 8: Fall break, no posts

Week 9: October 21st Eating Animal

October 24th Final Proposal

October 24th Groups sue Canada over pipeline danger to species at risk (repost from draft on Dec 9th)

Week 10: October 29th Sometimes it’s best to be idle

October 30th Project timeline

October 30th Hurricane Sandy on verge of New Jersey landfall (repost from draft  on Dec 9th)

Week 11: November 6th Breakfast of Biodiversity

November 7th How to make home compost (repost from draft on Dec 9th)

Week 12: November 13th Lawn People

November 14th Eco-friendly mosquito killer for the lawn

Week 13: Thanksgiving, no posts

Week 14: Project work, no posts