Timeline Project

Sept 28th– looked for salamanders in area, found 3. Realized there was lots of garbage and waste scattered throughout.

Oct 25th– talked to Amy Downing. She said that it was really cool how I was actually found some salamanders still located in the area. She had no concerns, concerning the removing of trash. And actually gave me another idea to add to my project. To see if my actions have any effect on the populations of salamanders, she said I count the number of salamanders I am able to find in the area. So that in the future, if someone were to continue my project they could then count the number of salamanders they find to see if there is a positive, neutral, or negative trend in the population as years progress.

Nov 1-2– Talk to Buildings and Grounds on project. Find out if they have any concerns, and if they are able to help by bringing in rocks and stones, and clearing out bigger trash. Also talk John Krygier.

Nov 3-4– Count salamanders in area (mark them on map).

Nov 5-16– Taking out trash and placing rocks, stones, and pieces of pottery (if Buildings and Grounds agree to my proposal).

Nov 16– summarize results and report to class in 30 minute presentation

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