How to be Idle

Last week I was thinking , I need to stop going to the art studio so much and buckle down to do my homework for other classes. But then I end up ether going to the studio or watching 3 hours of Netflix instead.    I think that Tom Hodgkinson has a great point in this book, one of my favorite parts was when he talked about the working hour. How somebody somewhere desired when we are to wake up and go to work. I think that Tom H. is really emphasizing the social norms that our society and the even the world live by. Because Idlers often become thinkers, “and thinkers are not a welcome addition to most social situations”.  (McKenna,pg 34)

The author also emphasizes naps as vital in order to wake up every morning knowing you will get to take a nap.He even has a “day bed”.

While reading this book I kept thinking how the author manages to write his books, with his love for idleling…maybe he idles until he actually feels like writing.

This book makes me think of all of the stress you go through everyday to do things because it is expected that you do them.I think it makes my laziness a little less of something to feel guilty about, maybe if we had a siesta as part of our culture people would be less stressed about time and deadlines.

Great read !




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