Solar Project Timeline

Email from Sean (10/30/12):

“No real updates. Tom Homan, Delaware City Manager, has been in Germany at Delaware’s Sister City, and arrives back this week. Jon Utech of CarbonVision is putting together a formal proposal for the City of Delaware and will be presenting it to Tom in the next few weeks. Peter Schantz and I will also be attending (and you hopefully). Sorry there’s not more to report, but that’s how it goes. Also, Jon told me that there is a utility cable that currently runs from wastewater treatment plant across the 23 that we could utilize to bring the solar power to the university (he thinks).”

Week of Nov 5- Hopefully Sean and I can get out to the site and check it out as well as look into the utility cable that runs across 23. Also, contact Jon Utech so I am more in the loop of what will happen at the meeting and how the project will be progressing if accepted.

I am waiting to hear back about when the formal proposal meeting with Tom will be as soon as he is back in good ol’ Delaware.

Meeting from Oct. 10th went very well and Tom Homan sounds very enthusiastic and open to the idea, especially to expand to the other 50 acre plot after this 15 acre “Phase 1” area is complete.

After the formal proposal meeting, hopefully we will actually be able to put the project into motion and installing/see how to install solar panels and how they work (also if weather permits)

If the project is put on hold for the winter, I plan on carrying it over to next semester as my house project.


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