How to Be Idle Reflections

8 o’clock: I totally agree about alarm clocks and getting out of bed, we aren’t awake yet because our bodies need sleep. When you’re excited to wake up and do something you want to wake up. We shouldn’t need alarm clocks to wake us up, we should just do stuff we’re excited to do and will naturally wake up for. I wonder how different our society would be  though…people would have to be excited about their work (which would be a lot healthier than how we work now) and a lot less structured and more willing to go with the flow.

9 o’clock: “At the bottom of it al is fear. Fear paralyses us.” (28) I like to think that is id not fear that motivates us but the want to achieve something in life. I don’t think that most people are scared of the unknown and that’s why they stay in their job. I think people stay in their jobs because they are working towards accomplishing something greater either through their job directly or through the resources they receive from doing their job.

10 o’clock: Staying in bed is easier said than done. Sitting back and relaxing and pondering things while there are things to be done takes a certain level of self-control (at least in order to truly enjoy this pondering time).

11 o’clock: Why are people so lazy that they have to trick themselves into working (or trick others into doing work). If we just suck it up and do the work then we’ll have plenty of time for skiving and feel accomplished too.

Noon: Enjoying a hangover…hmmmm. Sounds like an excuse not to do anything. But should we need an excuse to just chill out and let our bodies do what feels good? Instead of doing that we’re running around being ‘productive.’

1 pm: IT feels really good to treat lunch as a treat. Taking a long lunch with good people and enjoying the food and doing some leisurely activity is great. I agree that it’s a pity that we no longer do this.

2pm: If we all took time to enjoy being sick we would get better a lot sooner. Wonder if professors wold go for this…

3pm: Naps ARE great. If there existed the cultural norm to take naps they would be acceptable and great for all of us. But as mentioned in the end, paradise is for sleeping. So sleeping incorporated into the work day disrupts that kind of  aggressive, incentive driven culture we function in in our work world so often.

6pm: Wandering is something people don’t know how to do much anymore. It feels so wrong and weird sometimes when you wander but your mind can’t slow down with your body. Were we to wander more we may see more of the simple things around us that we can enjoy.

7pm: “The great thing is that we know how the journey will end, and that is in total idleness, which is death.”<<I really like this quote and chapter about taking things slow. We go through life pretty fast with small pockets of time set aside for going slow. Why not take life slow and only speed up when we really need to?

1am: Idle activities such as sex, drinking, drugs, and other indulgent activities are viewed with an overall negative light in modern society. These activities are physically pleasing, maybe too much and we fear that we will be overtaken by them and lost motivation to work. Would that be so awful?

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