Casualties of Toronto’s Urban Skies

Apparently there is a real problem in Toronto, Canada- birds are dying everywhere! Due to the large sky scrapers and other large glass buildings birds can’t see the buildings and are flying straight into them. According to the article, around one to nine million birds are killed this way in Toronto every year. There is actually an organization, FLAP, that goes out every morning to collect the dead birds off the street and rescue the injured. There have been attempts to correct the situation by putting special plastic on the glass and putting dots on the glass, so birds will be cautious and aware of the buildings. However, many see these solutions as eye sores. There are even big local birds waiting for these birds to crash so they can be eaten. I think they need to do something about this situation- even if there is a negative aesthetic impact. I wouldn’t want to be walking to work every day with hundreds of birds laying dead on the sidewalk.

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