Eating Animals

In the Eating Animals book I was greatly shocked when I came to the section that talked about eating dogs.

I knew about the Chinese eating dogs, because I once watched a documentary on it. The documentary showed the horrible way they would kill the dogs. Now form the book, I realize its was most likely done this way because of the better tasting meat from the infusion of adrenaline. But at the time, watching them shove the screaming dogs over a burning fire was pretty sickening to witness. And in the end I had to change the channel because I couldn’t stand to watch it anymore.

The part that most surprised me though–since I’e never really went into a great deal of thought over the matter–is what they do with all the bodies of the euthanized dogs and cats. After a certain point the dogs and cats in a shelter must be euthanized in order for there to be room for more animals to come in and have a chance of finding a home. To not use the bodies for something, would be a huge waste. People would be throwing away a potential food source like the Jonathan Safran Foer says in his book. So instead the carcasses are used to feed our food sources and our pets. The thought though–of feeding a dog a dog, and a cat another cat–is more than a little barf inducing; since one of humans biggest no no’s is not to eat of your own kind. Yet that’s exactly what we are causing our pets to do.

I found some websites rallied against this sort of use for the euthanized animals: link

But in the end, I don’t think dumping all the bodies of cats and dogs in one place so that they might rot in peace will cause any less horror on the public. Especially since it will end up being a huge health and sanitary issue. So it seems we are at an impasse.

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