Map of Green House Gas

A recent development from Arizona State University has made it possible for greenhouse gas emissions to be mapped out building by building, and even by stretch of road.  What this mapping provides us is a visual display for what types of buildings and what roads are responsible for emitting a greater amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  The mapping as so far only been done in Indianapolis, but by doing this for more cities, we might be better off at targeting/focusing on certain areas/institutions in order to reduce a cities emission rates.  “Cities have had little information with which to guide reductions in greenhouse gas emissions — and you can’t reduce what you can’t measure,” said Kevin Gurney, an associate professor in ASU’s School of Life Sciences, and senior scientist with the Global Institute of Sustainability. “With Hestia, we can provide cities with a complete, three-dimensional picture of where, when and how carbon dioxide emissions are occurring.”

“Hestia offers practical information we can use to identify the most cost-effective ways to reduce emissions and track progress over time,” Gurney said. “Scientists have spent decades describing the seriousness of climate change. Now, we are offering practical information to help do something about it.”

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