Arctic Sea Ice Melting Hits A New Low

As the season changes from Summer to Winter, scientists can now stop measuring the amount of ice that’s melting in the Arctic. They’ve recorded for the season that there is now only 24% ice covering the Arctic Ocean. In 2007 it had 29% ice. This increase in melting has a significant impact on the earth. This article describes the Arctic ice as the air conditioning for the earth. Without it, the planet will warm and have severe consequences. What is frustrating to scientists and myself is that the government doesn’t seem to understand the problem. Scientists have linked the melting of the ice to human emission of greenhouse gasses. Instead of promoting more sustainable living and limiting our emissions, the country is increasing drilling and promoting more greenhouse emissions. It’s possible for the ice to be completely melted by 2020! Although not proven, scientists suspect that the melting is already causing weather effects in the Northern Hemisphere. We are already seeing repercussions for our actions! There needs to be a change in order to protect our earth.


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