Project Updates

I’m still not decided on what I want to do for my project this semester. I looked at the economic development site for Delaware…it’s interesting to see the way we categorize and use land. We discussed this today in my American Political Theory class, specifically discussing how the early colonists and founding fathers treated property as a right. But looking at modern day relations to property/ land it could be interesting to see what goals we have for our limited land space as a society. I just don’t now how to approach this subject with research and actions.

I’m also still thinking about looking at food on OWU’s campus. This could tie into land use by looking at the amount of food we get form farms surrounding us, from Ohio, from the midwest, from the US, and globally. To raise student awareness about the true cost of getting bananas in Delaware, Ohio I could map out/ calculate the food miles our food racks up. Intertwined into this is the dietary choices we make as students. Even with limited food choices on campus we can impact the environment and influence what is purchased and produced by what we decide to buy. We vote with our dollars through what we purchase and consume from Chartwells.

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