Desert Solitaire

Edward Abbey has a point when he says that the only way to really experience nature, is by getting out of the car and off the beaten path. Only, he takes this concept way too much to the extreme. He goes into the wild and stays for months in solitude, walking around in the nude. This already seems just a little bit strange. But, then he goes on to say how the seclusion begins to mess with his mind. He describes this one time where, “I slipped by degrees into lunacy… looking at my hand I would see a leaf trembling on a branch. A green leaf” (251).  From his description, its like he’s been so long alone within nature that he loses sense of self.

While I love being in nature and wandering around with no real destination, I wouldn’t find as much satisfaction as he does in being alone. I would rather have someone there with me to share in the experiences.

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