US Drought

There has been a drought this summer throughout the United States. Natural disasters have been declared in over half the nations counties by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. As of August 28 62.9% of the country was considered to be affected by drought. Lack of rain and high temperatures have done considerable damage to crops, especially corn and soybeans throughout the midwest. Livestock have been affected as well, with water shortages and increased price of feed. Because of this, livestock have been sent to slaughter earlier at lower weights than normal, giving farmers lower profits. The USDA has programs in place to help farmers impacted by the drought- most of these programs are emergency loans and technical assistance. Biofuel production has also slowed and water levels throughout the nation are at all time lows. The drought will hit home to non-farmers as food prices increase, hitting the poor the hardest in the United States. Poorer countries around the world will also feel a hit because of the global food system where too few nations produce too large a proportion of staple crops. As population increases steadily and global climate change events occur the issue of feeding everybody becomes more and more prevalent.

NY Times Article

USDA Drought Assistance



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