I found this book very interesting and enjoyed how it was written. I’m not much of a history person, but I liked all of the mini stories that were told throughout the chapters. It is unreal to think of what the Meadowlands have gone through to be the way they are today. On page 158, it was said that this place was known for its flowers, not its pigs, stench and dumps. It seemed like a losing battle to try to restore its previous ecology and namesake which is highly unfortunate because it sounds like such an interesting (now toxic) place.

The history of the place and historical finds that lay strewn throughout the swamp are astonishing to me. For instance, when there is rubble from London in the hills/dump or when Sullivan happens to find pillars from Penn Station. Or the mention of the Meadowlands as a type of graveyard dump (such as for Jimmy Hoffa). The idea of such toxicity and unnatural decay is mind boggling to me, especially with the Meadowlands remaining as “natural” as it has for so long. I guess it could be worse and there could be nothing left besides trash dumps, pollution, left artifacts, and abandoned outlets, but this place has managed to keep reeds, grasses, birds, and other biotic life without totally being overtaken by human disruption.

I was always confused when something would be built in the Meadowlands and still remain standing. It seems everything was abandoned or sunk into the marshy area. For example, there is a stadium or other buildings around and it surprised me that a) someone would build something so costly on an ecological hazard and b) that they were functional as a business while being in an area most people didn’t like. I might just be misrepresenting the layout of the meadowlands…

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