Erika’s Project Ideas

Some of the ideas I have are more based on continuing other people’s efforts on campus–though I’d like to come up with something unique and brilliant, I am more interested in seeing a change occur on campus.

  • Working with and continuing the Free Store.  I’ve been highly involved in its introduction on campus, both for the May Move Out and for the initial start up of it.  So far we’ve had great feedback and a great deal of solid waste aversion, now we just have to figure out how to keep it running successfully.
  • Composting in HamWil- It has been a dream of mine (and many other OWU faculty members/staff and students) to introduce a working and successful composting program on campus–especially in Hamilton Williams.  Currently, all kitchens on campus are utilizing a new composting program.  I’d be interested in spreading this effort to the student body and the rest of the faculty and staff.  To do so, I’d have to introduce the program, educate people, and organize to only have compost-able or recyclable items available for purchase in this dining hall.  Then provide an estimate to how much waste is averted and how beneficial this would be to the environment.
  • Cups on Cups on Cups– What many people don’t notice (or maybe they do, I’m not sure), is that fraternities have one of the worst a) recycling programs and b) use of styrofoam products (if you do not know the negative affects of styrofoam onto the environment, check out that link).  I would be interested in putting an end to this styrofoam use by educating the houses of this concern and helping them arrange to have more sustainable drink ware.  It would be interesting to then decipher the difference in the amount of styrofoam being thrown in the garbage before and after this project.
  • An Analysis of Wasted Electricity-LIGHTS – I can’t tell you how often I walk around campus and pump my fist angrily at a light that shouldn’t be on.  I would need to assess (walk around campus and jot down what I see) the lighting situation’s purpose and address whether this can be changed by either installing motion sensors or timers–for example, an electric room does not need a light on 24 hours a day (I tried to enter to turn the light off and the door was locked), even a motion sensor would work here.  After this, I could then determine the amount of energy being saved

All in all, I would love to see the effort I put into this project develop into something that will help this campus become more sustainable.

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