Lawn People

After reading lawn people I really became aware of the huge amount of time we as Americans spend tending our lawns.  Its the one thing that we have to maintain almost every week in the summer and many people take great pride in how their lawns look and appear to passer byes.

I remember the first time i mowed the lawn how much fun I had and the more I did the more I would focus on getting those straight lines and trying to make things look good.  The one thing I never did worry about though is what was in my lawn.  At my house we just simply mow the grass to keep things looking orderly and to deter pests like insects and rodents.  in the 21 years that we have had a lawn we have never sprayed chemicals on it or messed with the grasses in it.  In fact there are several species of weeds in my lawn but from a distance you cant tell and I feel our lawn is healthier because of it.

Today though lawns seem to be the exact opposite of what I just described, people put huge amounts of chemicals on their lawn and spend huge amounts to keep it just perfect.  The fact that the grass for lawns is the largest agricultural crop in the US just goes to show this.  The modern lawn is something of a monoculture which is not good, and the huge amounts of pesticides and herbicides that go into lawns is bad. Perhaps maybe there should be more done to step away from this type of lawn care.

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