Digital portfolio

Chris Demecs

1/25 -The Medowlands by Sullivan

2/1 – Desert Solitaire by Abbey

2/22- Environment and Society

 2/29 – Environment & Society by Robbins (Ch. 9-14)

3/7 – Eating Animals by Foer

3/28 – Presented with Raphi Fratkin: Breakfast of Biodiversityby Vandermeer & Perfecto

4/4 – Lawn People by Robbins

Current Environmental News

1/25- Meadowlands Enviro issue

02/01- I’d rather smoke a pack of cigs than breathe india’s air for a day

02/22- The trails of Pollution lead back to many Multinational Corporations

02/29- U.S. funds efforts to turn CO2 emissions into products

Project Postings:

2/21- Recycling Electronic waste

2/29- E-Waste Project Proposal

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