Lawn People

The book describes lawns as being self-sustaining, as if there’s no need for consumers to pay attention to them as much as we do. However, lawns are no longer just another part of the environment, they have seeped into the American economy and there is no escaping it.  There is money to be made and status to be displayed so the American culture will not let lawns get off so easily.  Since their is so much fuss over the appearance of the lawn, this has  very little to do with protecting the environment or propelling humanity. It appears that lawns are just another way to show off how wealthy someone is, and how much better they are at sustaining a “perfect” environment around their homes. It was interesting to learn about the facts throughout the book about  grass. The grass in our yard is probably not native to the U.S., and therefore helps it look more pristine and unnatural. I now have more respect for those that take care of lawns because there is a crap ton of work that goes into the sustaining process. I will also try to be more conscious of the chemicals I see being used. I am not sure if it will ever change but at least there are some people that are trying to push for safer lawn care practices without the use of chemicals, but I doubt our attitudes towards lawn care and environment health will really change that much.

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