Eating Animals

This book discusses describes that what we eat is based on what is socially acceptable in our own cultures and societies. The author talks about the rapid increase of factory farms in the U.S. and the terrible conditions these animals are forced to live in before they are butchered. This arises from the need to support our wretched eating habits, but we can also examine this from other viewpoints. For example, other cultures may acceptably eat snails, dogs, or snakes. Our culture with our belief in having certain animals as pets, would be very hesitant to eat dogs or cats.

The author continues to explain that even if we are knowledgable about how factory meats are raised, we continue to eat them in mass quantities because it is so accepted in our culture. he close quarters and lack of space coupled with the produced feces and lack of hygiene levels creates a suitable breeding ground for bacteria and diseases. The overuse of antibiotics also builds up immunity to the drugs, creating more problems in an attempt to gain efficiency of production. Overall, bad food for thought.

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