Breakfast of Biodiversity, yet no food for some

So we all know how much we like to consume food but what we tend to forget is how much that impacts the environment and the biodiversity of the world. Vandermeer and Perfecto both wrote Breakfast of Biodiversity and look at simple ways we can prevent the destruction of rainforests and the rest of the environment.

First of all, rainforests are very fragile because their soil is very poor in nutrition for the vegetation that exists within these forests. Most of the nutrients only exist in the living vegetation and the decaying matter so the soil is not very useful to maintaining the vegetation. In addition to the poor soil, the trees have very shallow roots which means More about how fragile rainforests can be read from this link.

Cutting down trees in the rainforest. Not very good for sustaining the rainforests.

They insightfully describe the ways in which such disparate factors as the global economy, cultivation, rain forest ecology, and poverty are all contributing factors to the degradation of the rain forest. They also bring up the possibility of combining democracy, cultivation, and land security for the poor and how it can save the environment.

I personally really loved this reading because they examine all of the views and possibilities of saving the environment and how we interact with the environment. In my sociology class, I applied social theories to the reason behind the causes of environmental degradation. In Marxism, the reason why people in the lower class remain in the lower class is because capitalism is designed so the bosses and corporate heads gain more wealth in their wages than the people who work for them. The workers always receive lower wages, just enough to sustain them.

Pyramid of Capitalism, showing that the upper class are always benefited while the lower class remain on the bottom.

The book expresses that hopefully that the international capital and third world poverty can connect because it is the inequality that creates poverty that forces desperate people to ruin the rain forest. While focusing on the environment is very important to solving global problems, it is also important to understand and help the human race for we have the most impact on the environment. There are a few questions that remain. Will we ever live in a world without poverty? What is the best way to bring poverty and the environment together? What if we were to distribute more resources we do not need to people who are in desperate need for them. People in poverty are looking for resources and we seem to have more than we need so why not try something as simple as that to maintain balance of our ecosystems?

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