Tsunami Debris Reach Alaska Coast





A few weeks ago a fishing vessel from Japan was nearing the coast of Alaska. The boat was floating by itself, unmanned, since last years devastating tsunami in Japan. The unmanned boat was causing issues for boaters in the area near Alaska, and the Coast Guard asked ships to stay away from the boat. Because of the hazard the boat was causing, the Coast Guard decided to sink the ship, before it reached land. Now there is new debris making its way to the shores of Alaska, a volleyball. Radar near a small island is Alaska picked up a soccer ball, and a volleyball floating in the waters. The balls were retrieved and traced back to a school in Japan. These balls are one of the first pieces of debris to reach the US from the disaster last year. NOAA has been tracking a larger group of debris making its way across the Pacific, but the two rouge balls seem to be the first to make landfall in the US.

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