Health Impacts From Gulf Oil Spill On Children


This week was the two-year anniversary of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. While most of the oil has been cleaned up and many areas impacted by the oil are back to working order, there are still some areas effected by the spill that are not fully recovered. Julie Crepples lives in a mobile home right on the water, with her six children. She said her one child, 2 years, suffers from constipation and skin rashes. Almost her entire family suffers from daily headaches. Her one daughter must undergo cardiograms for her heart palpitations. In total the family fills 17 prescriptions at the local drug store for all their various aliments.

Many other neighbors of Crepples also have some of the same sort of health problems that they claim they did not have before the spill. During the Summer of 2010, Crepples says that when her and her children would go outside they could not stay out for long because they would start to cough, feel ill and their eyes would start to burn. She and her neighbors claim that the oil spill itself and then the clean up process is what caused her family to become ill. She says the fumes from the burning oil slicks and the chemicals used to clean up the spill are the sources of the family ailments.

Though Crepples and her neighbors claim to be sick from the spill, there has been much research done on previous oil spills as well as this spill that point out no health problems for people living near the spills. Though there are many skeptics how then did this seemingly healthy family become so ill after the 2010 BP oil spill?

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