Transportation Surveys

So I re ran the survey Bobby came up with in the spring of 2011 that dealt with driving practices of OWU students.  For the most part there was little change in the responses from then until now.

Student Survey

Faculty Survey

Again there were two surveys one for students and one for faculty.

For both surveys I did receive less responses than Bobby did but that is mainly due to the fact that I could only run it for one day through the OWU Daily but that is a different story.

A few things to make note of that I did not include in detail on the comparison documents, is  that only about 10% of students drive to class, but they use their cars 3-4 days a week.  I feel this is explainable by the weekends in which students use their cars to go home or go out, that takes care of two days.  The other two days I assume that they use their cars to run errands or to drive to class to save time or avoid bad weather.  This also shows perhaps that the only places to go to do things or run errands are not within walking distance.  To get groceries or go shopping one has to go to Polaris or down 23 a ways.

Bad weather was really the only reason that students needed to drive to class, and also to save time.

Biking does not seem to be big at OWU, however people did make note that biking in bad weather is hard, and that possibly sheltered bike racks would be nice.

Faculty all drive to OWU for the most pat and most live fairly close to campus and only drive to and from work each day.

Faculty made note that they felt that it was alright for students to drive to class for obvious reasons, and that it was understandable to drive to save time, or to avoid bad weather.  Some also felt though that students should walk more, and that there is little reason not to walk or bike.  Some commented that the music department is too far away from the academic side of campus and that perhaps a shuttle or better scheduling could alleviate this problem.

most faculty don’t own a hybrid or electric car and their reasons for not owning one were mainly related to cost.  Most said that they already own fairly fuel efficient cars (30mpg on average) and that it costs a lot to buy a hybrid or electric car that would take years to pay for itself off of the savings that it made from consuming less gas.  Also electricity comes from coal which on faculty member mentioned is worse than gas. Furthermore one faculty member said that the environmental impact to build a new car from raw materials is greater than using a used car which they say they have always used.

As far as CNGis concerned both students and faculty either answered Yes they would consider it or they were unsure.  One faculty member said that if the CNG  was produced by fracking then that deter them from buying one, because fracking is as destructive if not more destructive to the environment than other fossil fuels.  Also CNG is a non renewable resource, and even though its cheap now it is still bound to the same fate as Gasoline as a limited resource there is only a finite amount of it.

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