One Person Adds 37 Million Bacteria to a Room

The title of this article quickly captured my attention. The quote “We live in this microbial soup, and a big ingredient is our own microorganisms” sum up the article pretty well. In an hour each person adds 37 million bacteria to the room. The air we breath comes from the floor dusts. A study was done in university classroom on the ground floor during a period of eight days. During those eight days four days were occupied with people and the remaining four days were empty. The result of the study was that “”human occupancy was associated with substantially increased airborne concentrations”  of bacteria and fungi of various sizes. This means that humans are the leading carrier of bacteria. This is very interesting and makes sense since for an example its easy for someone to catch a cold/flu from their classmates from sitting in the same lecture hall. We need to take care of ourselves very well and keep our immune system in check.

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