Help the cows!

                                                                                                         March 27, 2012

Less ‘pink slime’ may mean more poorly treated cattle

Robin Shreeves

If you haven’t heard about the “pink slime” filler discovered in our meet products, here’s a quick review.  Beef Productions Inc. a company that makes lean meat product from fatty trimmings have had to shut down three of their 4 plants due to consumer uproar.

Now grocery stores all over the country are advertising their “fillerless” beef.  However, the lack of this filler will result in an increase in beef prices.  Even more troubling, perhaps, is that the lack of filler will result in 1.5 million more head of cattle slaughtered to make up for the loss of filler.  Most of these cows will be from factory farms which keep cattle in inhumane conditions, pump them with antibiotics so they can digest the food they give them to grow faster, and are a source environmental concerns.

Do you want to help the cows? Try eating less beef or look for local alternatives that feed and treat their cattle properly.

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