About Being Idle

I think what struck me the most from reading this book is how much I realize we’ve made things go. We get up, suffer through traffic, go to work, work all day, suffer through traffic again, and somewhere between checking the mail for bills and dinner try to find time to relax. I think what How To Be Idle helps us to see is how to slow things down a little but still maintain a productive life.

One of the chapters that did catch my attention was the one on napping. I know if I’m like anyone else out there in the world I loathed nap time as a kid and now wish I could have it back. I do think that having that set hour could make people more refreshed productive and perhaps even less irritable as the workday goes on. Why should we just restrict this until a certain age?

For me personally as well I love pubs. If you can get there at the right time they can have a varying atmosphere for how your feeling. In the afternoons they can be more quiet and welcoming. A nice place to sit and have some me time or a pleasant chat with a friend or two.

I think the overall message of the book and what the author is trying to convey is just take an extra minute or two and slow down. Our society is so driven to be productive and stay productive we seem to rob ourselves or what little sanity we possess sometimes. The message is that you can be productive and still not run at 1,000 piles per hour with your hair on fire. In the long run it may even be much healthier for you to cut out a little stress and be idle if not for a few minutes.

So drink up!

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