Threat to Life of Fishing?

People in Gloucester, Massachusetts is one of the many seaside towns that depend on what the fisherman can find from the sea. Fishing is the main industry that sustains the economy of this seaside town which is why the entire town may be facing some severe consequences. “For some 400 years, fishing has sustained communities such as Gloucester along America’s northeastern shores, where thousands of seafood processors, wholesalers, distributors and retailers make a living off the waterfront.” (Ariosto 1).

How much fish fishermen in the town bring

Now the government surveys show that the town has been over fishing, bringing in more fish that the required sustainable level. They have figured out that by closing of parts of the Gulf of Mexico, they can restore some of the damage of the over fishing the fishermen have done to the seas. Even though closing off parts of the sea from fishing would lower the fish intake that this town relies on, it would still not be in good condition from the over fishing.

People are very outraged by the restrictions put on the fishing. Fishermen are required to bring in 22% less of what they normally bring in of fish. a man named Vito Giacalone is an example of someone who is extremely frustrated with these new changes. He claims that the government is putting something into action that is based on assumptions. These restrictions need to stay legally for the damage to recover from the over fishing which could potentially take a few years until the cod population increases again.

Personally while these restrictions will decrease the income, I think this is much better for the economy for Gloucester. I think that Gloucester needs to learn how to have a sustainable economy and environment. There have been past civilizations that have suffered from overuse of their resources and ultimately fallen. I think that Gloucester could look for some other potential industry that can be equal to the fishing industry so they can learn how to be sustainable.

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