Environment and Society part deux


In the reading on Carbon Dioxide i found a few things interesting.  One aspect that intrigued me was the part concerning carbon’s role in a full globalized economy. The author discusses how imposed limits on carbon would force entrepreneurs to come up with creative, but expensive methods to create products that emit less carbon and created a production process that emits less carbon as well.  this sounds like a positive idea, but would these entrepreneurs move to countries with little or no restrictions on carbon, taking business out of the home country and still havea production process that hurts the environment as well as products that do?  Another idea i found interesting was command and control thinking. providing incentives for firms to follow government imposed regulations seems like a good way to get companies to respond.  these incentives will provide a medium for firms to research and develop new technology and find the least costly way to do so.

Personally i believe governmental restrictions are the way to go.  society as a whole will not be overly concerned with carbon emissions unless it is strictly brought to their attention with the possibility of incentives for following restrictions and penalties for not following them.  i feel the best way for governments to impose these restrictions is to offer incentives. that way many companies figure out as many ways as possible to find the best way to reduce emissions.


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