People Need to Stop!

In the book Environment and Society by Paul Robbins et al, the issues of the environment are brought up and the social interaction between the environment and people is explored more deeply. The book begins with giving a list of environmental vocabulary including political ecology (political environmental issues) and reconciliation ecology (science of sustaining habitats). In the first chapter, the author states that he calls the issues “objects” rather than problems because he wants to analyze and explore the relationship in an unbiased way. He says that everything in the book is viewed from different perspectives in order for us to have a better understanding of the existing objects between the environment and people.

Chapter 2: People

This chapter discusses the issues with the human population growth. Not only is the rapid population growth becoming a huge issue but so is the amount each individual consumes of natural resources from water to food and the impact they leave on the environment. Reverend Dr Thomas Robert Malthus made one of the first observations of population vs the world. It was he who pointed out that the population is growing far too fast and is outnumbering the natural resources the earth provides for us. He also points out that the main things limiting the population growth like disease, wars, famine and keep the population in check.

China is the mother of all overgrowth of population

I personally agree with Malthus because his data and analysis are both very accurate and well researched. I do think that while disease, war, famine and destitution while very bad, do keep the population in check and help maintain the numbers. I also believe that there should be more moral restraint especially among women and people in poverty. Women are the main ones responsible for the population growth and less civilized people are not as educated on how population growth impacts the environmental resources.

There are some people who argue that development and industrialization are more responsible for the environmental impact. I personally think that is a factor of environmental problems but I think that the overgrowth of the population has much more to do with the decrease in available natural resources.

I agree with Malthus on the concept of environmental impacts varying between different groups and people because less civilized people or women are more likely to increase the population. While his thinking is somewhat limited, I do think it is an important basis of thought when analyzing the relationship between people and the environment. I just think people need to stop!

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