Environment and Society Pt. 1

Although written in a textbook format, which may appear exceedingly boring, I found the book offered many new insights into some of the leading topics relating to the environment. The book begins by defining and describing the meaning of nature – a common theme in almost every book we have read so far in the semester. I found it interesting when the book discussed market-based environmentalism and market response models. The authors caution trusting the effectiveness of markets completely as markets have been known to fail. However, the application of green taxes and friendlier consumer choices are promising methods of change that can further be investigated. The book also explores the idea of  common goods and how the prisoner’s dilemma affects the environment. The concept of the tragedy of the commons is discussed, but interesting examples of cooperative success are also highlighted.

The book also debates ethics and how risk and hazards are rational ways of looking at the environment around us. Also the concept of an imperfect socially influenced perception of risk seemed interesting as it explains some of the diversity we see in the perspectives around the globe, especially when it comes to diplomacy in accepting environmental issues and proposed solutions. I found the first half of the book to be an overall good read, staying unbiased and describing both sides of the issues fairly.

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