Part 2: Nature

Coates explored many topics in this book but what I found interesting was in the beginning of chapter seven where he talked about the issues of acid rain and oil spilled. I know that acid rain is a big environmental issue but I don’t really know what is it? I did some extra research and acid rain has many ecological effects on mostly water environment areas such as lakes and streams. Acid ran makes the water acidic which affects the fishes, clams, and other animals in the water by absorbing aluminium from the soils in the water. Acid rain also affects the forest especially in high elevation it pollute the soil which takes away the nutrients from the plants. Acid rain problems occur many years back for an example in 2000 acid rain ruin the Adirondacks lakes even though Congress came out with the Clean Air Act to help solve the problem but still today the animals in the lake are affects by acid rain and pollution from burnt oil and coal. Clearly people in that area notice that they were substantially lower population of trout fishes in the area.

Lake in Adirondacks

Another problem Coates talked about is oil spilled this is still a big issue that people and animal faced with the consequences especially with the BP oil spilled in the Gulf Coast in 2010. 4.9 million barrels of oil were spilled affecting the landfall along the coastline. Also the chemicals from the spill went deep down the surface of the ocean, which is very hard to clean. Some of the remaining oil and methane were dissolved by  bacteria microbes  The clean up act was of huge but they couldn’t clean all of it.

When it was first happened this affect the fisherman because it contaminated the fishes. Fishes were out of stock affecting people in Louisiana and Florida.

BP had to pay a lot of money to clean up and go to court. They tried to supported many research organization but still affect many people life. 8000 birds were killed by the spilled along the 1600 miles of the gulf coast but 1000 square miles of the coast are still off limit.

According to a scienties from the National Wildlife Federation a year has passed but its only the beginning there are still so much to do. It is  far from over since we don’t not know enough about it. I think its beneficial that Coates bought this issue up in the book since it actually happened in today’s society.

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